Asphalt Repair
Equipment Manufacturer

Asphalt Repair Equipment Manufacturer

Marathon Equipment Inc has been a leading name in the manufacture of quality road maintenance equipment for over 100 years! Unlike other manufacturers we believe everyone’s business is unique, and so should their equipment! We offer both standard and custom options to add onto your equipment to tailor your equipment to YOUR needs! Our equipment is custom built to order from start to finish! Marathon Equipment Inc prides ourselves in having a reputation for our long lasting equipment!

We manufacture equipment from crack filling, to pothole patching, waterproofing, tack coating, to driveway sealing & more! Proudly made in Canada, our entire full equipment line is designed and fabricated at our facility in Burlington, Ontario.

We offer a showroom fully stocked all year round with tools and equipment to keep you going any time of year!

Marathon’s dealer network is always expanding and steadily growing in Canada and the United States, allowing for coast-to-coast sales and service. Contact us today with your equipment requirements!

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Asphalt crack sealing and waterproofing equipment

Crack Sealing & Waterproofing

We manufacture a large range of equipment for crack sealing and waterproofing. From entry level up to large capacity, high production kettles, there is a perfect size for everyone! Our entry level direct fired equipment is ideal for small contractors, or those who are just getting into the business. We offer various sizes to suit any size business for any job. Our larger oil-jacketed kettles have many different customization options to tailor the equipment to your needs!

asphalt hot boxes and infrared heaters

Hot Boxes & Infrared

Our pothole patchers are heavy duty and built to last! We manufacture hot boxes in either 2 ton capacity or a 4 ton capacity. We offer many different customization options depending on your needs. You can choose from air-jacketed, oil-jacketed, propane fired, diesel fired, stationary or hydraulic dump. Our portable infrared heater is a perfect portable patcher for small repair jobs! Our infrared heater makes it easy to repair, renew or resurface asphalt. It will heat up and soften asphalt often to original mixing temperatures, to repair catch basins, alligator cracking, manholes and much more!

Marathon Equipment asphalt sealcoat sprayers

Asphalt Sealcoat Sprayers

Our asphalt sealcoating equipment is designed to spray solvent based sealers, asphalt cutback, gilsonite, foundation coatings and concrete primers. Multiple sizes available, including a portable unit without a material tank, to pump and spray sealcoat directly from a drum. Our sealcoating equipment is perfect for any size contractor, with many different capacities to choose from.

Marathon Equipment Inc. tack emulsion sprayer collection

Tack Emulsion Sprayers

Marathon’s tack sprayers provide a fast and reliable means of heating and applying bituminous emulsions and tack coats. Our units are capable of heating a large volume of bitumen on a steady basis and offer many operator friendly features and options. Our cold tack sprayers are capable of spraying water based emulsions that do not require heat, such as RS-1 or SS-1. Multiple sizes available, including a portable unit without a material tank, to pump material directly from a drum.

Marathon Mastic Mixers Collection

Mastic Mixers

Marathon is the leading manufacturer in the industry for engineering the best Mastic Mixers! Our entry level 100 gallon unit is perfect for smaller contractors with small to medium repairs. Larger capacity units available in 250 gal & 350 gal for medium to large jobs. Designed to mix mastic and bridge joint materials, the heavy duty construction allows mixing of heavy material mixed with aggregates. We offer more sizes and choices than anyone in the industry!

Our Promise

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Marathon is committed to providing its customers with the best possible service. We understand the importance of keeping your crew working and will ship parts on a moment's notice. Commitment to service is the root of Marathon's success. A Sales Team You Can Trust - Count on our sales representatives to be honest and informed. We will provide what you need, when you want it, at a fair price. Marathon wants your business today, as well as for years to come


Marathon offers before and after sales expertise from seasoned professionals. A big part of the purchase package is knowing we will be there afterwards to offer advice, inspections and repairs.

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When the time comes to replace or upgrade a piece of equipment, our parts department will be more than happy to help. Marathon is constantly stocking its shelves with dependable, high quality parts that stand the test of time.


To its customers everywhere Marathon pledges its continued commitment to the highest standards in the industry. It welcomes the future with pride over the success enjoyed so far and enthusiasm for the challenges that lie ahead.